LEO Strikes Alert LED Fishing Pole Alarm Lamp Rod Tip Night Fishing Light Auto Recognition Bite Alarm Fishing Accessories


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Brand  LEO
Product Name Sea fishing alarm light
NO. 28126

Type A – Strobe Type

Type B – Always On Type


Type A – not on when standby, red and green flash when there is signal.

Type B – the green light is always on during standby, and the red light flashes when there is a signal.

Product weight 5.4g
Package weight About 15g
Package size 15 * 5 * 2cm


1.This product is equipped with two kinds offixed bases, which can be selected according to the size of the pole.

2.Fix the base on the rod slightly,  tighten the upper thread of the product,and make the upper part of the product light green.

3.When the product is waiting for fish,the green light will be on for a long time;when the rain is moderate,the fishing line will pull the rod a lttle,the rod will shake a ltte,and the product will light the red light.

4.The standby time of this product can reach 500 hours.

Package included:

1 x LEO Fishing Lamp

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