Our 5PCS Adjustable Transparent Anti Splash Dust-proof Protect Full Face Covering Safety Mask Visor Shield




Product name Protective cover
Material PET
Color Transparent 
Weight 30g
Quantity 5pcs
Style Head-mounted
Size About 25cm
Thickness About 0.5mm
Scope of application Anti-fog, saliva protection, covering

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1.Made of PET material, soft and not easy to break, durable and practical for use.
2.The product is fixed to the head by an elastic band, so it is suitable for both adults and children.
3.There are protective films on both sides of the product to prevent the product from scratching. Please remove the protective film before use.
4.The full-face protective mask is made of transparent material, which does not block the field of vision, has a clear field of vision.
5.It can be used repeatedly. After use, it can be disinfected and used continuously. Provides face and eye protection from dust, saliva, oil splash, etc.
6.The edges are rounded and rounded, polished and rounded, and the edges are rounded to protect the flaps from damage.

Package included:
5 x Protective cover