Our Japanese Original High Carbon Steel Fishing Hook No Thorns Golden Black Silver Tackle



Color:Black/ Gold/ Silver
Material:High Carbon

Japanese high carbon steel material ensures the hook elasticity, hardness and sharpness.
Hook tip:5 grinding process,3 times on the surface color,can effectively ensure that the sharp of the hook tip and no rust.
Hook handle:the flat part of the hook handle is symmetrical,smooth curvture,tied hook will not be drawn.
According to the different hook-type bending degree,the main part of hook has been processed,effectively ensure the strength and
toughness of the hook.
Hook tip inside use radian design of non-resistance,effectively ensure speed of thorning fish,and ensure that the fish does not decoupling.

Fine hook and high sensitivity, suitable for small fish.
Suitable for freshwater fish, small hook for small fish, big hook for big fish.

Package includes:
1 X Fishing Hook


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