Proberos 12.7g 14.5cm Minnow Bait Fishing Lure Hard Lure Bait with Hooks 5PCs


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5 PCs 12.7g 14.5cm Fishing Lure Hard Lure Bait with Hooks

Material: Plastic
Length: 14.5cm
Weight: 12.7g
Color: Multi
Hook Size: 6#
Swiming Depth: 1.8-2.7m

Several small balls in body, will sound when drags, strongly attractes fishes.
The body has the focus shifted ball, it can be moved to the rear when dumped.

Bright color, modern design, suitable for all the fishing enthusiasts.
Smooth and bright colors to attract big fish.

Each one with 2 sharp treble hooks.

Package Includes:
5 PCS Fishing Lures