Our 6 Hole Automatic Fishing Net Folding Shrimp Fish Fishing Bait Trap Mesh


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Material Nylon
Color ArmyGreen
Diameter Approx. 95-97cm/37.4′-38.1′
Height Approx. 37cm/13.3′
Weight 328g

-100% new and high quality.
-Disassembly simple automatic fishing cages, and an umbrella principle can be stretched out, no installation, easy to carry.
-Easy to use, pull the top rope, the fishing nets will quickly open.
-Special double zipper design for easy removal of fish, lobster and crawfish.

Fishing cage operation instructions:
-Cage on the position of water plants better, in the depth of 1-3M is appropriate.
-When using the bait please note: food can be added with soybean meal, rapeseed dry powder, peanut powder, bread or leftovers and so on.
-Add flavor, must and rapeseed dry powder, peanut dry powder, rice, bread, etc. with the use of Oh.
-The number of fishing and weather, put the location of fish cage, bait recipe, take the cage interval and other factors are related.

Package Include:
1 x Fish Net